Where to get the best ramen in Sukhumvit

Aside from being a bustling downtown and residential area, Sukhumvit is known for its Japanese population. Along with the Japanese expats that have come to live in the Sukhumvit area is a rich, breeding ground for all kinds of Japanese cuisine to accommodate its residents. Ramen, the traditional soup-noodle dish, is among one of the most popular dishes in the world—a dish that holds significant cultural values of Japanese dining and greatly coveted and appraised by many chefs, producing many different traditional styles. After having ventured through countless ramen stores within the area, below are some recommendations that provide a truly authentic and premium ramen experience, not for the faint of heart! 


Ramen Tei Premium

Location: Sukhumvit 49 (46/14 Klang Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea)

While a ramen shop is traditionally very modest in its interior design and architecture, Ramen Tei boasts a 4-storey marble building, fitted with a lavish interior combining elements from traditional Japanese home architecture and the luxurious qualities of modern western complexes. Ramen Tei is definitely the go-to place for a comfortable and spotless dining experience. The dishes available are also an example of a fusion of different cultures—with cooking hints and influences from Chinese cuisine by combining items such as jellyfish, Chinese-style dumplings and wok-fried vegetables, alongside first-class ramen craftsmanship with varieties not usually easy to find such as Tantanmen and Hiyashi Ramen. In a traditional and sacred art such as making ramen, straying away from the traditional menus and ingredients can be a risky endeavor. Ramen Tei proves, however, that sometimes breaking away from the mould can produce fantastic results.



Photo credit: Pantip - [CR] ร้านลูกครึ่ง จีน-ญี่ปุ่น: RAMEN TEI PREMIUM & ร้านขนม GÜTE PATISSERIE


Menya Itto

Location: Erawan Shrine (01 Phloen Chit Road)

When Menya Itto first arrived on the scene not too long ago, there was a certain degree of hype surrounding this legendary tsukemen establishment, so much so that initially, the restaurant limited ramen orders for customers to ensure that as many customers have the opportunity to enjoy their cooking as possible. Menya Itto has a long history in Japan, being often ranked as the number 1 ramen establishment in Japan’s tabelog. Located at the Erawan Shrine, Menya Itto provides some of the best tsukemen that can be had in the world. Limiting their ramen production to 500 bowls in a single day, the signature cold-ramen dish is an absolute must-try for lovers of Japanese cuisine. 



Photo credit: Gourmet Bangkok - Menya Itto Bangkok – No.1 Tsukemen from Japan


Ikkousha Ramen

Location: Thong Lo 13 Alley

Ikkousha Ramen has all the usual hallmarks of a great ramen establishment: a cozy interior and dining experience, Japanese-quality service, and a variety of top class broths and perfected ramen noodles to go along with it. However, Ikkousha accomplishes all of these feats and further. The go-to accomplice for a great ramen dish is a plate of hot, sizzling gyoza, as any enthusiast will confirm. Ikkousha takes this to the extreme, with their beloved massive pan gyoza dish, comfortably able to sate 5 or even 6 hungry diners. Ikkousha makes this traditional Japanese dumpling a true stand-out even amongst the best ramen places. All this appraisal of their gyoza dish does not at all take away from the quality of their ramen as their adventurous selection of broth styles will have many diners delighted for a second visit, which includes Black Ramen (darkened garlic and onion broth), God-Fire Ajitama Ramen (burnt chili and spice broth) and the traditional and signature Ikkousha Tokusei Ramen (traditional pork bone broth). A great stop in the Thonglor area!



Photo credit: BKKMenu - Ikkousha Ramen


Nanase Ramen

Location: Sukhumvit 33 Alley

Nanase Ramen is the black horse of this ramen appraisal list. While authentic in its own right, the dining experience and cheap prices are atypical of a usual ramen joint in Bangkok. Although being the least similar to its peers, Nanase is perhaps the most true-to-Japan dining experience that is on this list. An outdoor, budget-friendly dining demeanor, Nanase is able to accomplish its ludicrous prices through its signature chicken-broth, which provides a different kind of umami and saltiness compared to its bone counterpart. With their trump dish being the Nanase Chicken Broth Ramen coming in at a guilty-free 99 baht, there is no doubt that you will be asking for seconds! 



Photo credit: Redprice.co - #ชี้เป้า เปิดโพยเมนู Nanase Ramen ราเมนไก่ต้นตำรับจากญี่ปุ่น

It is inevitable for there to be a few honorable mentions, namely Bankara Ramen, Yamagoya Ramen, Ramen Ajisai, and Senda Ramen Mokkori. Nonetheless, we highly recommend you try out these notable ramen places in Bangkok without having to cross oceans to enjoy an authentic Japanese dining experience!


By : Sun Property Consultant