Thai Style Crab Omelette : Simple Home Cooking

Whether you’re a fan of the local Thai delights or extravagant international cuisines that are available in Bangkok, the pandemic and lockdown restrictions have unfortunately put a halt to our outdoor gastronomic adventures. And while we have all been unable to visit our favorite restaurants and cafes,that is no excuse to miss out on amazing foods that are waiting to be discovered.

How, you may ask? The answer is something that home-cooks and bakers have been relishing in all throughout the pandemic—we pick up the pot and pan and bring these flavors alive with our very own hands. And while we are in Thailand anyways, the following recipe brings tastes that can only be forged through products available from grocers in Thailand.

For those of us who are not as experienced in the kitchen, the following dish serves as a great stepping stone to your culinary journey as it is a beginner level recipe that requires very little know-how to prepare. We guarantee that no matter how your cooking skills are, you will be satisfied with the end result!

Our very first dish is a local classic that even complete beginners are able to nail. The ไข่เจียวปูฟู (Kai-Jeao Pu Fu), translated as Crispy Thai-style Crab Omelette. While this dish is a simple dish, there is more to it than a basic omelette.

For this recipe, you will need:

     60-100 grams of Crab (particularly the backstroke portion of the crab; กรรเชียงปู)

     2 chicken eggs

     1 tablespoon fish sauce

     4 teaspoons of whole milk

     2 teaspoons of sugar

     2 parsley leaves for garnish

     4 tablespoons of canola oil (or any other close substitute)


To prepare this recipe:

1.    Mix the eggs, crab meat, fish sauce, sugar and milk into a large bowl at least 10 cm taller than the precipice of the mix.

2.   Set a large pan (preferably a wok-pan) on a stove and set to high heat.

3.    Whisk the mix vigorously with an egg whisk for 1-1 ½ minutes. (Make sure not to season the eggs with salt/pepper before plating the dish, as this will ruin the texture of the omelette.)

4.    In the now hot pan, apply the cooking oil into the pan and wait until a light sizzle appears.

5.    Making sure that the oil is hot (very, very hot), pour the mixture into the pan evenly throughout.

6.    The mixture should now be cooked within the cooking oil in a similar fashion to deep-frying (and not pan frying).

7.    When flaky crusts start forming on the edges of the omelette, cook for another minute.

8.    Remove the omelette from the pan and begin to plate. Garnish, season, and enjoy.

The end result should be something similar to a stacked omelette that is crispy around the edges. Now, of course, an omelette is just an omelette without a generous portion of Sriracha Sauce and a serving of jasmine white rice to complete the meal.

This dish is the perfect example of a recipe that is more than the sum of its parts. On the surface, the dish is enjoyed as an ordinary low-effort breakfast dish. Using this specific recipe, we have elevated it through the use of crab backstroke which is cooked inside of the omelette mixture as it is being deep-fried. This results in the crust layer of the omelette having a crunchy texture, while within, the proteins and sugar help to keep the filling still creamy and tender. The perfect complement would be a serving of white jasmine rice and SriRacha sauce.


Photo credit: เมนูเด็ดแห่งวงการไข่เจียว "ไข่ไก่+ไข่ต้ม" เนื้อสัมผัสแบบไข่เจียวปู แต่ไม่ใช้เนื้อปู