"Hidden" Restaurants of Ekamai-Thonglor

To residents of Thonglor and Ekamai, the twin bustling streets are known for being the central hub of international cuisine and lifestyle. Expats living in the area are accustomed to the diversity of flavors that perk around every corner and soi, so much so in fact, that authentic Thai restaurants may seem hidden and obstructed by the myriad of options available. Look beyond the main streets and the eagle-eyed will find exceptional Thai cuisine that can be found nowhere else! We have compiled a list of must-try classic Thai flavors that may be inconspicuously right next to your home.


หน่องริมคลอง / Nhong Rim Klong

Location : 33/4 Ekamai 23 Alley

This modest looking food-stall has recently garnered a lot of attention from Thai social media and celebrities that calling it “hidden” may not be entirely true. Nonetheless, not including this seafood juggernaut would be doing a disservice to those who have yet to try it. Lovers of crab and shrimp will find much to indulge in dishes such as ไข่ข้นปู / khai khon pu (soft-cooked omelette with crab), ผัดกระเพราปู / pad krapao pu (stir fry crab with Thai basil) and กุ้งกระเทียม / kung kratiam (garlic fried shrimp). Nhong Rim Klong itself claims that they order up to 50kgs of crab (per day!) to supply the many orders they receive. Be warned that early morning queues are commonplace on a busy day; but rest assured, it is truly worth the wait!


ข้าวจ้าว / Khao Jao

Location : 17 Thonglor Rd

A mere 1-minute walk from J Avenue, this cozy restaurant hosts a variety of home-cooked dishes reminiscent of any Thai mother’s cooking at extremely affordable prices. Khao Jao features a quaint exterior with architecture from early 20th century Thai homes. Despite its easy-to-miss location and demeanor, it is a well frequented lunch place for those looking for easy Thai meals sure to satisfy an empty stomach. Among its varied and sizeable menu, some highlights include ข้าวไก่อบ / khao kai ob (Oven-baked Chicken - Rice), ข้าวซี่โครงหมู / khao see khorng moo (Sauced Ribs with Rice) and a variety of classic Thai dishes that should be familiar yet exciting to even the most avid foodies.


หอมด่วน / Hom Duan

Location : Ekamai Soi 2

Located near the end of soi Ekamai, the ข้าวเเกง / khao kaeng (curry) selection of this Thai diner should be instantly familiar to any local. Those looking to dig into the “curry culture” of Thai cuisine have to look no further than this traditional and very affordable restaurant that is a favorite for many Thais living in Ekamai. The strange names and unfamiliar dishes found in this restaurant originate from the Northern regions of Chiangmai, with a rich history associated with the aromas and herbs found exclusively up north. The flavors found here are a must try for any who claims they’ve a taste of Thailand!


เฮียให้ / Here Hai

Location : 112/1 Ekamai Road

Last but definitely not the least, this crab specialty restaurant is an absolute must-try for crab enthusiasts! Though this restaurant may be the most underrated hidden gem on the list, its easy-going Chinese-inspired Thai cuisines are a sure recommendation to any foodies. Here Hai specializes in ข้าวผัดโคตรปู / khao pad khort pu (crab fried rice)—a dish very popular among both locals and expats for its simplicity and umami qualities—and holds a commendable reputation for being one of the best places to get fried rice in Bangkok. 

With dishes similar to Nhong Rim Klong  and less of a wait time, this traditional restaurant includes many other delectable highlights such as โคตรกั้งกระเทียมพริกไทย / khort kang kratiam prik thai (stir fried mantis shrimp with garlic and pepper) and กุ้งยักษ์เผา / kung yak pao (grilled giant river prawn).

This Michelin Guide restaurant derives its roots from the southern province of Surat Thani, along with a rich history associated with Here Hai—the originator of these recipes—who was in pursuit of the best crab fried rice unimaginable. What an amazing find!

Hopefully, this list makes it apparent that exquisite traditional Thai cuisines can be found even in the most unlikely of places in the streets of Bangkok. While this list compiles some of the best eats in the area, there are still plenty more restaurants of similar caliber that deserves another comprehensive list. For the time being, the aforementioned restaurants are sure to satisfy your undoubtedly starving stomachs—and they are merely a few minutes’ walk away!



By : Sun Property Consultant


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