Underrated Coffee & Tea Houses in Ekamai-Thonglor

Dear “amanta de cafés”,

Whether you go to cafés to work, socialize, or simply feed your caffeine addiction, your local Starbucks might have become an essential part of your daily routine. “One tall iced cappuccino with soy milk, please” has become a household phrase, and you have most likely tried their entire cake and dessert assortments within a span of 2 months.

Quaint yet unique cafés crowd the streets of Ekamai and Thonglor—having their own colors, tastes, and distinct personalities. However, the number of options you see as you pass by in a cab makes it difficult to decide where to go, and that's how you end up at Starbucks—yet again.

To jazz up your list of go-to cafés, gathered below are some of the finest cafés and tea houses in the Ekamai-Thonglor area that often go unnoticeable. Get ready to plan a productive (or lazy) café day-out for the weekend!

Patisserie Rosie

Location: Soi Thonglor 10

When passing through Soi Thonglor 10, the Patisserie Rosie, with its bright, gold-accented doorways and lavish interior, is reminiscent of something out of a fantasy book. This colorful patisserie is more akin to a dessert-centric tea room than the typical café. The Patisserie Rosie hosts a great variety of French pastries not usually found in Bangkok to cater to all dessert connoisseurs out there, and has also won the Editor’s Choice Award for “Best Underrated Desserts in Bangkok 2019” by the Taste of Bangkok newsletter. 

This patisserie takes great care in presenting classic flavors with unique twists; the artisanal craftsmanship evident in the presentation of each and every menu item makes this dessert stop one of the best places to get elaborate desserts to gift to your loved ones.

Due to the sheer quality and size of the menu, any item here is sure to impress and intrigue your taste buds. Try them out for yourselves and you will surely find a favorite. Yet with that being said, some of our recommendations include the Rosie’s Eclair or the Yuzu Tart for starters.

Kaffe 50

Location: Soi Ekamai 21

Those living in Ekamai and Thonglor are most likely familiar with the pub/bistro Tuba located in Soi Ekamai 21. What some may not know is that right beside Tuba is an old school coffee shop: Kaffe 50. The interior of Kaffe 50 is filled with antique furniture from all over the world (similar to Tuba) of which the more artistic goers are surely to fall in love with. Aside from the usual coffee and other beverages available at the café, the homemade pastries are local favorites of expats that frequent this place. Some highlights include the Spinach and Chicken Pies and the Fluffy Earl Grey Chiffon Cake.

Kaffe 50 also doubles as a boutique furniture store with pieces selected and imported from every corner of the world.  This thrifty yet stylish furniture store is worth the visit alone, if just to look at the amazing antique collection on display whilst sipping a cup of coffee.

For those looking for a change of pace from traditional cafés, Kaffe 50 brings more than enough to the table (no pun intended) and is one to include in your café-hopping itinerary.

The Blooming Gallery

Soi Thonglor 8

The Blooming Gallery located at the Eight Thonglor is the perfect embodiment of a traditional tea house. The tropical garden-esque interior and tea tables, reminiscent of the many aesthetic cafés in Europe, are merely just a reminder of how luxurious tea-rooms in Bangkok can be. Amongst the vast array of desserts found in this tea house, one of the best picks include the impeccable Scones and Tea combo, of which you can find a variety of combinations ranging from the most exotic leaves to perfected classics. The Afternoon Tea Set for 4 (at only 1,250 Baht) includes an assortment of scones, sandwiches and 2 pots of tea from their massive collection. Lovers of British and French tea-rooms will find themselves right at home with the selections available at the Blooming Gallery. This self-proclaimed hidden café king of Bangkok is still one of the most frequented spots to escape from the bustling city. Be sure to give this hidden gem a visit!



By : Sun Property Consultant