The Best Burgers in Sukhumvit

Sometimes the best things in life are made of the simplest ingredients—bread, meat, and cheese! Who can deny the sheer appeal of a charcoal-grilled patty between two slices of bread and whatever else one could ever wish for thrown into the mix? (unless you like truffles in your burgers, yuck!)

For those late night cravings, you could always head over to your local McDonalds or Burger King for something to satisfy your hunger. However, sometimes a burger can be more than just a late night snack. Truly great burgers don’t always reside in fast food chains; they could be in places for fine dining, classy brunch hangouts, date nights and so much more. To ease your search for the best burgers in town, here are some of the more boutique and artisanal burger places in the Sukhumvit area that have redefined Bangkok’s burger culture.

Beast and Butter

Location: 270 Thonglor Rd (Thonglor Soi 10)

This was the place that inspired this entire article subject. Especially for being one of the more affordable options on this list, Beast and Butter brings your childhood love for hamburgers back. For those looking for both classics and creative new recipes for burgers, Beast and Butter is sure to deliver. Hidden away in a quaint little diner in Thonglor 10 are some of the most amazing grilled patties that can be found on the planet (yes, a little exaggerated, but seriously, the vegetarian options are just as amazing!). Furthermore, burger connoisseurs from America will argue that the only true companion to a juicy, meaty burger is a shake; whether it be Five Guys or Shake Shack, the best burger places have always come hand-in-hand with the best milkshakes. While certainly a nemesis to people’s weight loss plans, the milkshakes at Beast and Butter are not to be missed either. Oh, and not to mention their selection of sauces go with some of the best curly fries in Bangkok.

Still not convinced? Here’s a picture of just one of the many customer favorites: the “Double Double”.

Photo credit: Beast and Butter Facebook page

There are only two stages to dining at Beast and Butter: “I haven’t tried it yet” and “I go there twice a week”.


Daniel Thaiger

Location: Multiple branches 

Daniel Thaiger is undoubtedly a true Thai burger hero. As of writing this article, the Thonglor branch at The Commons has unfortunately closed until further notice. The good news, however, is that Daniel Thaiger is a mobile artisanal food truck that pops up all over Bangkok from time to time. Regardless, those who have tried Daniel Thaiger can attest to the claims of it being one of the best burgers this side of Southeast Asia. This West Coast style burger place is sure to have popped up in conversations of gourmet burgers in Thailand. Often accredited as the pioneer of high quality craft food trucks in Bangkok, Daniel Thaiger never fails to secure a spot on every burger recommendation list. The patties include a selection of pork, Wagyu beef, and lamb; each patty choice is complemented with delectable sauces and a variety of toppings with their sweet and buttery buns. Ever innovative, it is always a pleasure to see what kind of exciting recipes are conjured by Daniel Thaiger next. Nevertheless, be sure to try the “Cowboy” and “Mr. Steve” burgers, which are some of their signatures. You are sure to be surprised at what a single burger could do for your taste buds!

While the Commons branch is closed, you can still drop by to grab their burgers at the Delivery Hub Soi Soonvijai and Sukhumvit Soi 11 branches.


Photo: Daniel Thaiger Official website gallery


Location: Multiple branches

A popular and familiar name for many meat lovers, Arno’s has been a long time cult favorite for the best cuts of steaks and pork ribs. Fans will also say that Arno’s burgers are also some of the very best as well. As one of the oldest places for meat in Bangkok, Arno’s can be found all over the city and it is no doubt that you most likely have run across a few branches in the many popular hangout places in Sukhumvit. Arnaud Carre, the founder of Arno’s, has a 25-year history in butchery, which naturally led to the specialised production of mouth-watering, flame-grilled patties that have unique textures and flavors hard to find elsewhere.  While every recommendation on this list provides a succulent and personalised take on the patty, Arno’s experience and expertise with meat leads to their burgers being bundled with a reliable and satisfying patty to go with all their other equally delicious side ingredients. The dining experience at Arno’s is reminiscent of a classy, chic butchery combined with a selection of wine and beer, making it a pure embodiment of a high quality, easy-going burger restaurant to 'wine and dine' with family members or some good buddies.



By : Sun Property Consultant