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A couple of weeks ago, we published an article called “Hidden Restaurants of Ekamai-Thonglor”.  While the main theme of the recommendations revolved around the restaurants being relatively unknown and subtle in comparison to the area, in hindsight, the article should’ve been called “Hidden Thai restaurants of Ekamai-Thonglor” as all the recommendations were for Thai food. Well, for those that are more inclined to try out the international cuisines that the Sukhumvit area is well-known for, take a look at some of the recommendations we have gathered for you here today!


Hummus Heads

Location: Thonglor 10, Sukhumvit 55

Hummus Heads is a chic little restaurant located right in the middle of Thonglor Soi 10 that you might miss upon a glance. The variety of authentic yet exciting fusion of Lebanese food that can be found here will no doubt be a delight for fans of Middle-Eastern cuisine. If you ever fancy a visit to Hummus Heads, be sure to try out their coveted “Foo”-lafel dish combo to get a taste of their selection of Hummus and Pita bread, Falafel balls, and Tabbouleh.

One of the things that many may find surprising about Hummus Heads is the pricing on the menu. As one might come to expect, dining prices in the Sukhumvit area are very much on the upper-echelon of the restaurant hierarchy in Bangkok, which makes it all the more surprising to find items such as their signature Shawarma Chicken Wraps (130 baht) or the traditional Falafel Wraps (140 baht) at very reasonable prices. 


Photo credit: Hummus Heads Facebook page




Location: Sukhumvit 53

The Italian restaurant and wine bar Prosciutto, Bacco, located at Sukhumvit Soi 53, has been around for a few decades; and for restaurants, there can be no greater achievement or certificate of excellence than having stood the test of time. Even amidst difficult periods such as the corona-virus, Bacco still manages to pull in customers from all over. The traditional Italian interior provides a European-esque dining experience—fitted with an esteemed wine cellar and actual baskets for bread—making it clear that attention to detail is one of Bacco’s strengths. This attention to detail carries over into each item on the menu; whether it be the selection of pasta dishes and soups, or their more carbohydrate leaning dishes such as their pizzas, calzones and piadas, the combination of traditional Italian cooking methods and imported ingredients gives them the edge over other restaurants. The truly family-friendly atmosphere at Bacco makes this a Saturday night regular for many families and is great for hosting big gatherings. However, where Bacco truly stands out is the second part of their description: the wine bar Prosciutto. The selection hosted at Bacco contains both classic table wines as well as extravagant rarities that are sure to be a joy to explore. 


Photo credit: Open Rice: Bacco Restaurant and Wine bar


Masala Art

Location: Eight Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55


Mentioning international cuisines without an authentic Indian restaurant experience would be a modern day sin. Masala Art, located at the Eight Thonglor, provides a very refined traditional dining experience.  A winner of countless (we really mean it, take a look at their Achievement page) awards and certificates of excellence, Masala Art is often referred to as one of the best Indian places in Bangkok, and this really comes as no surprise as their excellent hospitality and presentation are merely the toppings to a truly spectacular dining experience. With their expertly crafted Indian classics such as the Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken with their selection of breads, or their variety of Tandoori kebabs and skewers, Masala Art proves that amazing ingredients and an expert chef can truly make even the most tried and common dishes something fascinating. There is not much to say about Masala Art that hasn’t been said, if you’re down for some real Indian food, this place definitely belongs in your “must-try” list.


Photo credit: Gourmet Bear's Food Journey

Broccoli Revolution

Location: Sukhumvit 49


Out of the numerous restaurantsthat we have frequented all throughout the Sukhumvit area, Broccoli Revolution was the most memorable. As per the name, the vegans and vegetarians inside of us will find themselves right at home at Broccoli Revolution. The restaurant/cafe/living space provides a great cafe atmosphere with their unique, archaic architecture and interior design, as well as the perfect brunch place for those lazy mornings. Not to mention that this restaurant is one of the pioneers of concept-eateries; being that they prioritise a socially conscious, eco friendly eating experience, this is especially evident in the raw ingredients which makes up the backbone of most of their dishes.

Broccoli Revolution is unique in that every single item that can be found on the menu is either vegan or vegetarian. Among these items are innovative and artistic twists on vegan cuisine that will surely excite and surprise even the most die-hard vegans. You think you know your vegan foods? We're confident you will find something you’ve never had before at Broccoli Revolution. 



Photo credit: BKKMENU : Broccoli Revolution

By : Sun Property Consultant