Takeaways for a Night-in

In this period of time where social distancing is highly encouraged, others may view this as an opportunity to take it easy, hit the covers and dine in with a few close friends. And sure, dining out at the various restaurants of Bangkok is likely the highlight of your week (especially if you’ve been keeping up with the articles). However, the variety of mouth-watering eats you can find in Bangkok coupled with the cheap and convenient delivery services such as Grab or Foodpanda can provide some extremely memorable eating experiences in your very own home. So put on your favorite record, grab a couple friends, and chow down on some delicious cheesesteak in the comfort of your home!


South Philly

While great in its own right, sometimes Subway just doesn't cut it and you need that extra “oomph” or grit in your sandwich. This is where South Philly comes in: the Philadelphian staple Philly Cheesesteaks brought to life in Bangkok with all the expert details you could ever wish for. In a simple dish such as the cheesesteak, top quality ingredients and experience ultimately determine the value of the overall dish and the eating experience. South Philly crafts this comfort food using home-baked breads and imported Wisconsin cheddar paired with Australian Angus ribeye to make as authentic a recreation of the dish as possible. What’s more is that South Philly brings the dish to life with hard to believe prices (of only 220 Baht!) for the Original Cheesesteak concocted with the aforementioned ingredients. Definitely worth a try!


Photo credit: South Philly Facebook Fanpage



While not exactly traditional, Chinese takeaway is an eternal classic for stay-at-home days. Unfortunately, Bangkok (perhaps surprisingly) does not offer very much in terms of American-Chinese food (fortune cookies and the like). LazyPanda, however, is one of the few eateries that perfectly embody everything there is to love about this American favorite. Fans of places such as PandaExpress will find themselves right at home with the selections available at LazyPanda; favorites such as General Taos, Orange Chicken, and Chow Mein, are reinvented and perfected at LazyPanda. This restaurant was created with a strong emphasis in providing the ultimate takeaway dishes—fitted with the to-go boxes, character, and taste that are common and well-loved in the States. LazyPanda nails the flavors of each and every of these classic dishes and definitely deserves a consideration for one of your lazy eat-in nights.


Photo credit: Lazy Panda Facebook Fanpage


Soho Pizza

When talking food takeaways, one of the first things that come to mind is most likely pizza. And rightfully so, a filling and complex mixture of flavours, designed to be shared with a group, with plenty of different variations to suit every taste and preference, what’s there not to love? While the general consensus around pizza is overwhelmingly positive, the difficult question is, where can you get the best pizza? There are a few places that come to mind and Soho Pizza is one of the notable contenders for that elusive top spot. With authentic New-York style pizzas coming in New York sizes, what you will immediately notice about Soho Pizza is their signature pizza bread, with the delectable crustiness of the best doughs and the texture and chewiness of pita. Not much to be said here, but lots to be found at this New-Yorker classic.


Photo credit: Soho Pizza Facebook Fanpage

Even on the coldest nights of the week, there is still a great number of things to look forward to no matter where you live. Not being able to leave the house is no excuse to not have a great experience with the bites of Bangkok.



By : Sun Property Consultant