Client Property Registration
Clients place their property with us on a no sale/rent no fee basis. There is zero risk as clients do not have to pay anything if their property is not sold or rented.

Consultation for Property Appraisal
We provide consultation for estimating the value of our clients’ properties according to various key factors: current market price and trends, similar properties, amenities, functionality, etc.

Promotional Marketing
We arrange marketing promotions through effective advertising media completely at our own expense. Clients’ properties will be advertised on, Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, LINE Official, signboards, and collaboration with members of the Thai Real Estate Sales and Marketing Association. Advertisement will be considered based on the price and condition of the property.

Buyer-to-Seller and Lessee-to-Lessor Matching
We help match prospective buyers and lessees to clients’ properties according to buyer/lessee’s requirement and seller/lessor’s conditions to minimize wasting time on enquiries and ensure smooth transactions.

Tax Expense and Fee Calculation
We will be responsible for calculating tax expenses and other necessary fees for when transfer of ownership is to be done at the Department of Land.

Transfer of Ownership
We will assist clients and coordinate from the transfer of ownership’s starting point until its completion at the Land Department.


  1. For sale, our commission fees are as follows:
    1. Commission fee is 3% (three percent) of the selling price for properties within Bangkok.
    2. Commission fee is 5-7% (five to seven percent) of the selling price for properties outside of Bangkok.
  2. For rent, our commission fee is 1 (one) month of rental for 1 (one) year contract.
  3. Sun Property Consultant Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the marketing process, cost of advertising media, and transportation for the tenant or buyer site inspection.