Bangkok Malls and Restaurants are Open Again!

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If you are up to date with the current COVID situation in Thailand, you would know that the upcoming days and weeks will be the busiest we’ve seen in the past few months. We at Sun Property Consultant would like to do the honor of providing you all that you may need to know about city life in the coming easing of restrictions.



For the past two months, public venues such as restaurants, malls, parks, and gyms were ordered to close for a predetermined amount of time. As we now know, the lockdown turned out to stay in effect up until two days ago on the 1st of September. This is not quite the complete lockdown lift that we were all hoping for. Nonetheless, given the current COVID situation, this is understandable as the government is still aiming to restrict areas of high aggregation to further reduce the rate of infection.

All in all, the outlook is still positive—with the rate of infection slowing down by the day, further assisted with the number of vaccinations that have been handed out, and the hope of reducing or lifting the current curfew put in place on dark-red zones of infection (that means us in Bangkok!). 


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With the necessary details out of the way, what do all these Thai Enquirer bullet-points mean for us, really? At the time of writing, malls are allowed (and likewise likely to be) opened at limited capacity with all the mandatory precautions that we saw towards the beginning of the year. Similarly, restaurants including ones located inside of malls are allowed dine-in customers at limited capacity. Due to this, all of our favorite restaurants and cafes are likely scrambling to prepare their kitchens and eating spaces to allow proper customer visits once again.

There has been no official update on the dine-in alcohol beverage restrictions however, so we can expect that the restriction will remain as is.

The only official regulation that the government has imposed regarding the situation pertains to restaurants providing a buffet or all-you-can-eat style of service. The official word is that the government encourages business owners to refrain from this type of service as it causes crowds of people to gather. It remains to be seen how strictly the government intends to impose this regulation.

Furthermore while malls are said to be allowed to open, its relevant amenities such as movie theaters, gyms, parks or other entertainment facilities have received no such update. These places are therefore unlikely to be reopening until further notice. 

Why not check out these shops and restaurants to kickstart your post-lockdown adventure?

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That covers all you need to know for the coming weeks. However, it is important to mention that multiple news outlets and social media sources have come on to showcase how busy and crowded these venues are, just days after opening. So stay safe and sensible when it comes to going outside the halls, and enjoy the resurging Bangkok atmosphere that is to come! 


By : Sun Property Consultant